Bronze 56k x Thrasher Mag: “plug”

If you’ve been keeping up with skateboarding media at all over the last few years, you’ve gotten pretty familiar with the crew and content over at Bronze 56k. You know the schtick: “If you don’t fuck with Bronze, you’re whack as fuck…” This is the company that built its reputation off of pure shock factor and bold style.
From the riders to the visual art and everything in between, Peter Sidlauskas harnesses a unique flow in the videos that made Bronze famous amongst the cooler-than-thou skateboarders of today. For the last three years, there have been Bronze 56k edits, presented in their most vulgar, addicting, and unpredictable forms. SOLO JAZZ hooked those of us that would later watch and re-watch every following video edit, introducing them to our skateboarding friends and inevitably growing the Bronze 56k footprint in the skate world. Last year, Bronze brought us TRUST and then the Palace collaboration, PARAMOUNT.
After a 10-month hiatus, but no lack of brand growth, we were introduced to yet another Bronze gem via “plug.” plug is a promo for a full-length Bronze 56k flick coming later in 2016, and it definitely got us excited!
The video begins with one of the worst hill bombs gone wrong we’ve seen in a long time. Boom!  Right out the gate, Bronze has “got us fucked up.” Sidlauskas immediately transitions to a couple street gap tricks from two very fashion forward Bronze riders in San Fransisco. As a subtle form of rebellion against the status quo of Southern California skateboarding, there were two parts to “plug”: Side A was comprised of all SF bay-area footage while Side B was filmed all at “home” in New York. The movement to further individualize skateboarding by seeming to get “away from the industry” is fully embraced by Bronze as a brand.
In all honesty we feel that “plug” didn’t shock us nearly as much as past Bronze productions. Are they trying to appeal to broader audiences? Are they trying to focus more on the skating? Or are they just doing whatever the fuck they want to do?
We’re leaning in to that last option. And we can’t wait for the full video later in 2016.

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