Evan Smith (Finally) Has a Pro Shoe!

One of the many things in skateboarding that we’re currently stoking out on:
Evan keeps it real. Photo: The Boardr
Evan keeps it real.
Photo: The Boardr
Time and time again, he has surprised us by his raw talent, loose style, and ability to push himself in any direction. His recent shoe release, accompanied by a rad party in Long Beach, CA, was something we all knew we wanted but didn’t know we needed. Sure, we can all be stoked for Evan (and you should be), but to make it even better, his professional shoe model with DC Shoes is about as high-quality as it gets. With super suede in all the right places, Impact I sole technology, and today’s hot toe cap design, The Evan Smith S is a solid skate shoe for any type of ripper.
We don’t even carry shoes, and here we are going on about his footwear. But they’re that good.
Also riding for Element Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels, and Swiss Bearings, Evan’s got a solid list of sponsors, all of which he fully deserves.
Check out Evan’s Element Predator deck, available in 8.1” and more! The featherlight construction that Element has been nailing for years comes together with authentic art to do Evan Smith justice as one of our favorite skaters. We proudly back Element Skateboards here on the site!
Evan's recent Thrasher Magazine cover. HEAVY!
Evan’s recent Thrasher Magazine cover. HEAVY!
We also back products from all his sponsors.
Independent Trucks are built to grind, and he uses that to it’s fullest capacity.
Bones Wheels never flatspot, perfect for his spontaneous, speed-checking style.
Swiss Bearings keep him rolling fast, so he can approach any spot, no matter how challenging.
Cheers to Evan and all that he is. Cheers to skateboarding.

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