Pizza Skateboards: Summer Selection

Pizza. Is. Life. At least for these guys. Pizza Skateboards started a few short years ago and already has a stacked team, but it seems that everyone that rides for Pizza is down for the brand with or without the skrilla.
With known names such as Chase Webb but also up-and-coming brand OGs, like Michael Pulizzi and Zach “Ducky” Kovacs, the kids have a lot to look up to… But furthermore, who doesn’t like Pizza? Although they don’t have pro models at all, Pizza creates some sick artwork for their planks, especially those recently released for the summer of 2016.
The Pizza Last Supper deck is a must-have board for the wall or the feet. The unity represented by a religiously historic scene translates to American culture well. Especially pizza hungry skaters. Did someone say Pizza Party? The Pizza Pizza Bear deck is a simple and blunt version of what Pizza is all about. Dad hats and popping colors are the current rage in skating, and Pizza’s on top of hot new trendz.. The Pizza Emoji deck is an example of the non-serious attitude that we all have as skaters and the appreciation for the juvenile that keeps us young. We don’t know what this graphic implies… But it has something to do with sign language and tasty tasty pizza!
Be sure to stay in the loop as Pizza release more hot fire for your riding pleasure. And browse all the decks we currently have on We’ll be getting more and more new deck brands that suit your fancy over the summer.
So stay tuned and eat pizza.

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