Thrasher’s 2020 Skater Of The Year

No one should need an explanation of how 2020 was a difficult year. With a global health crisis causing massive job losses and greater social division, there were challenges at every turn. And we keep watching as they continue. But we are always striving to find the silver lining.

Many street spots had less security enforcement, unlocking more places for skaters like us to enjoy the craft. Although there were product shortages, we have seen that skaters appreciate their time on the board even more for it. Appreciating each moment practically became a mantra throughout the year. And of course, the level of documented professional skateboarding was bordering insane.

So many skaters made names for themselves, elevated their presence, and broke barriers of what is even possible on a skateboard. And one skateboarder was particularly special, earning the title of Thrasher Magazine‘s Skater of the Year. Mason Silva.

Mason had proved himself on King of the Road, at various contests (nod to Tampa Pro), and with his video part & pro board for Element in their video, PEACE. This year he continued on his tear by releasing three heavy video parts, along with various other coverage. Real Skateboards. Spitfire Wheels. Nike SB.

Write us and tell us why YOU are a fan of Mason. We’d love to hear your connection.

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