Florida Daze “Seasons”

Homie videos don’t come few and far between. Almost every skater has access to his or her group of “homies,” their crew. Many of them film clips of each other skating, in skateparks or out in the streets. And some even compile those clips of each other into “full-length” video projects. All over the country, and even internationally, these crews are “going to work” for the love of skateboarding, and we couldn’t be happier to see the fruits of their labor.

Most recently, we watched “Seasons,” the recent video project coming from a group of friends from Florida, all riding for the aptly named Florida Daze. Although they produce & sell apparel, they are all so focused on documenting the best of their talents on their skateboards. After all, isn’t that why we all do this in the first place?

Although many skateboarders only saw John Dilo(renzo)’s part in the video, the entire ~8-minute cut of the video features a roster of manual masters, all with different & unique styles. From the impeccable lines of Derick Glancy to the smooth stylings of Jon Spitzer, they each have something that stands out from the rest yet contributes to a consistent aesthetic of skating that makes them a true crew.

These groups of friends all over the country (and throughout the world) are what make up skateboarding communities, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their existence. There are hundreds of skate crews, with or without brands involved, that do their best for the sake of their homies, and we feel that they all deserve their shine. A new project coming down the pipeline at Skateboards.com to help… And you’ll be the first ones to know, reading this blog.

More info coming soon! In the meantime, keep skating as much as you possibly can.

Love Skateboarding.

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