Max Geronzi | Pro for Almost Skateboards

There are many, many skateboarders that attempt to move up to the pro ranks. There are many that succeed and plenty more that do not. But there is a much smaller group that make it, have it taken away from them, and then go on to take back their place in skateboarding as a professional rider.

One of them (& one of our favorites) is Max Geronzi. Max is a French skateboarder who once was a sponsored rider for famed skateboard brand Cliché Skateboards. Max, even beyond his time with Cliché, mastered his craft and left many speechless with his seemingly effortless style on a board. His trick selection and board control were favorites of his fans and peers alike. Perhaps most widely known for his contribution to Cliché’s “Gypsy Life”, Max was a stand-out and true talent.

Most recently, he’s been graced with a Pro board for Almost Skateboards, under the same distribution (Dwindle), and he has been welcomed with open arms. For those of us that were already fans, we look forward to the video clips and projects he will contribute to while on his new team.

The squad will be better for it, and maybe skateboarding, as a whole, as well. Can’t wait to see what you continue to do on a board, Max!

Check out his new Pro board right Here

Love Skateboarding.

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